SINGLE REVIEW: Alicia Keys – In Common


It’s been a long time since we have had new music from Alicia Keys and I have been having withdrawals ever since she released her charity single “We Are Here” which I’m pretty sure I was the only one who actually liked that tune. But it’s okay because she’s at it again with her first single from her forthcoming sixth studio album and it’s a song you won’t be able to forget. “In Common” is a mid-tempo R&B and Latin influenced track that gives you The Weeknd and Drake vibes which is no surprise cause the song is produced by Illangelo. The song isn’t an instant hit like “No One”, Girl On Fire” or “If I Ain’t Got You” but it is a slow burner that deserves a couple of listens. The song has the potential to welcome a new wave of fans while still holding onto the expansive fan base she already has. It’s also good to hear her experimenting with new sounds to reinvent herself and constantly evolve as an artist but I cannot wait for a killer piano ballad from her because they always melt my heart. As well as being well produced, the song has some strong lyrics and has her questioning “Who wants to love somebody like me? You wanna love somebody like me? If you could love somebody love me you must be messed up too”. This is a strong comeback for Alicia Keys and fits perfectly into the sound mainstream pop radio is currently moving towards.



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