SINGLE REVIEW: Trent Bell – Limitless

Trent Bell Limitless

X Factor alumni and former Collective member Trent Bell has recently been teasing the release of a debut single while delivering some acoustic covers on YouTube. Not really the most original way of rebranding yourself as a solo artist but I guess everyone has to start somewhere. Luckily for him his debut single that he has released independently shows signs of strong potential with a well crafted hook that is groovy, memorable and makes you want to press the replay button. His vocals aren’t as forced as they came across in The Collective recordings and show versatility in vocal production which we really needed to hear from him. So this would be the perfect debut for an artist who is trying to gain momentum and introduce a new sound to an already established fan base but there is one small issue. This song sounds exactly like Justin Bieber’s track Get Used To It which features on the deluxe version of his album Purpose. Now I’m not over exaggerating when I say this is pretty close to a direct copy. From the production, to the mellow dance beat and chorus structure I couldn’t help but hear the ridiculous similarities. So maybe Trent Bell should go back to the drawing board and give us something a bit more, original?



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