ALBUM REVIEW: Zayn – Mind Of Mine


Leaving One Direction to go solo was a major risk for Zayn. It really could’ve gone many ways but luckily his debut single “Pillowtalk” was highly praised for the intimate lyrics, powerful vocals and the tight production which made this track an ultimate RNB banger. His debut album “Mind Of Mine” continues this alternative RNB sound rivaling the likes of The Weeknd and Chris Browns recent releases.  The diversity offered on this release is minimal and doesn’t stray away from what you’ve already been introduced to musically with the passionate and club ready “Like I Would”, “BeFour” and “Pillowtalk” Early highlight is the funky “She” which continues this sound and is perfectly complemented by the latter “Lucozade” and “Bright”. Where this album really excels is in the RNB ballads that evoke pure emotion, passion and make you crave the intimacy he hotly describes on “TIO”. The overly forgettable “It’s You” makes an early appearance on the album and along with “Truth”, “Blue”, “Borderz”, ‘Mind Of Mine Intro” and “Intermission” should’ve been left off the final track listing to reduce the 18 track length for maximum impact. This would’ve decreased the issue that a lot of the material sounds the same and would’ve allowed the mix of synth influenced up beat RNB and slow jams to be a bit more effective. “Fool For You” gives you the moment you were praying and hoping for with a powerful ballad that oozes a swoon worthy hook with a rock influence that allows his vocals to S H I NE. “When you’re looking like this I just can’t resist it. I know sometimes I hide it but I can’t this time Cause it’s gonna defeat me But if you won’t believe me, believe me”. “Drunk”, “Rearview” and “She Don’t Love Me” very closely follow in recreating that pure magic but “Wrong” succeeds in going over and beyond with a slow RNB jam that hears him harmoninsing with a female vocalist for the first time. It creates a heated moment that I know will leave you needing a shower. This album is a welcoming introduction to the solo artist Zayn always wanted to be. It has him experimenting with sounds, production, aggressively passionate lyrics and while it may all sound like a blur in one listen you are left intrigued and wanting to revisit this interesting debut. So, hello Zayn, we’ve been waiting.



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