ALBUM REVIEW: Elliphant – Living Life Golden


After witnessing Elliphant at Splendour In The Grass last year I was sold on her fusion of electronic pop with a thick accent that brings a unique flavor to this overdone genre. So my hopes were high for her debut album with lead single “Love Me Badder” which gave an infectious reggae vibe you couldn’t resist. However this diversity and experimentation is lacking on her debut “Living Life Golden” which sadly suffers on over produced pop that lacks character and could be performed by any Dr Luke protégé and still have the same affect (which is very minimal). “Step Down”, Spoon Me” and “Not Ready” attempts to recreate “Love Me Badder” and results in a cringe worthy listen. While the most anticipated song “Everybody” featuring Azealia Banks disappoints majorly with no attitude, a lackluster hook and no rap from Azealia?! Yeah, that’s right instead or rapping she sings on the third voice which I mistakenly thought was still Elliphant on the first listen. Even Major Lazer couldn’t save this record with the ultimately forgettable “Love Me Long”. In fact it was Twin Shadow who added a heavier electronic influence on “Where Is Home” which explodes in the chorus with shredding guitars and a more fulfilled sound. You can’t go past the MO collaboration “One More’ which provides an enjoyable listen but my favourite track on this record was the solo “Hit And Run”. While it begins a bit basic, it focuses on her intriguing vocals before launching into thicker electronic synths. All round this album is messy, forgettable and utterly disappointing. She loses her character in an attempt to join the long list of over produced pop wannabes. She has massive potential, she just needs to take control of her sound and own it, and not try recreate standalone moments.



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