SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Jonas – Close


Anything with the name Tove Lo attached makes me really excited. And when I read “Nick Jonas releases new single featuring Tove Lo” I had mild heart palpitations.  Nick has been delivering us massive songs ever since going solo and Tove just adds pure brilliance to songs so I was obviously expecting big things from this track. After a first listen I wasn’t convinced. Second listen (which I forced myself to do) I still wasn’t “that” impressed. “Close” has been receiving a lot of attention and praise on social media by fans but this song lacks the magic his previous track have had. The song has a different sexual intensity that shows a mature growth in his vocal delivery and production. He is no longer afraid of flaunting his sexuality and embraces that RNB vibe his last album teased at. The song looks at how he can’t open up to someone and is a bit afraid of the intimacy involved. “Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close”. The production is quite alternative and very different to the pop music which is trending at the moment. It makes it stand out but also at the same time it’s not as commercial which will have radio stations skipping on it and going back to playing “Jealous” or “Levels”. Tove Lo’s vocals expose a different texture to the song and their harmonising towards the end is what I would’ve liked to hear more of. “Close” is a different sound for Nick Jonas and while the song is a grower I’m just not sure if it will get the exposure it deserves.


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