ALBUM REVIEW: Adore Delano – After Party



Thanks to the spotlight that Rupauls Drag Race has put on the drag community over the past few years we have seen an increase of support for drag queens. One queen who has quickly rose to fame and helping raise awareness for the scene is Adore Delano. She is one of the poster girls for drag after become a finalist in season 6 of Rupauls Drag Race and is helping move this community into the mainstream scene. Her sophomore studio album “After Party” is a grand departure from her playful debut record “Til Death Do Us Party” which focused on her quirky personality and instantly loveable quotes. This record is an intimate affair with the songs revolving around a broken relationship and having to pick yourself up after it all ends. “I.C.U” sets the tone for the record with a heartfelt verse that leads into a sassy rap delivery which is lacking on this record. “Bold As Love” and “I Can’t Love You” addresses insecurities and identifying them and with their tight production and EDM breakdowns they are two of my favourite tracks in this collection. “Constellations” is the token cheesy love ballad that warms your heart and slightly breaks it at the same time. Falling out of place on the album is the emotionally driven but lackluster “Out Of The Blue” and “4AM” which may show a more intimate side of the songstress than we have heard before but the production is over thought and both need to be more stripped down. It wouldn’t be an Adore Delano album without some sexually driven and confident pop tracks. “Foreign Lover” and “After Party” will have you ready to grind on the floor and seductively whisper the lyrics “It’s my party and I will fuck who I want” // “It’s just you and me at my after party”. She does offer some pop gems that Katy Perry wishes she had for her next album. The campy “Take Me There” and “I Really Like It” have the fist pumping and singalong worthy hooks that you have been waiting for. While “Better Than The Movies” has a softer vocal delivery and shows an affectionate side that lead single “Dynamite” perfects and is mainstream radio ready.  This collection of tracks show a new found maturity and growth to not just her music but as a person as well. She’s blurring the lines between drag culture and mainstream conformities and making people just focus on the art which is what it should all just be about.


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