SINGLE REVIEW: Bebe Rexha – No Broken Hearts


She’s a name you may already be familiar with after featuring in some of your favourite songs of the past year including “Hey Mama” (David Guetta & Nicki Minaj), “Me, Myself & I” (G-easy), “Battle Cry” (Havana Brown), “Take Me Home” (Cash Cash) and “That’s How You Know” (Nico & Vinz). But now it’s time for her to shine and after the mild success of her debut EP “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” (sidenote: which I highly recommend you to listen to) she has finally released a little banger of her own. “No Broken Hearts” is an urban pop anthem which boasts a relaxed and infectious hook that will have you blasting it while getting ready for a big night out. The song looks at leaving your heartbreak dramas behind for one night and letting those thoughts be distracted by dancing and drinking.  “No broken hearts in the club, no tears in the club cause we gonna get it poppin’ tonight”. This track is very different to her previous material as it is commercial focused and has her vocals slightly affected by auto-tune whereas we are used to her vocals being the strong forefront. Nicki Minaj features on the third verse bringing her quirky style of rapping on a brief rap which should have had them interacting between each other towards the end for maximum impact. “No Broken Hearts” is a good introduction to Bebe Rexha’s solo material, do I believe it’s her strongest track? No, but it fun, upbeat and will do well in getting her name out as a non-feature artist but it’s her next single that will be highly anticipated.




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