EP REVIEW: Sinead Burgess – Wolf


It’s been a long time coming for Sinead Burgess, in amongst creative direction changes and production push backs her debut EP is finally here. This seven track collection of reflective indie-pop/rock is a great introductory to the music she was meant to make. Title track “Wolf” opens the EP with a strong piano led rock track that is about having the wrong people in your life and realising that you need to get rid of them. The production is grand and eerily haunting, but just enough to have you wanting to hit the replay button. Following in its production lead is “Dublin” which is an early standout with the relatable topic of unrequited love and the overcoming of knowing nothing will happen. It’s a feeling we have all felt at some point in our lives and she perfectly describes it with relation to the drunk/confused state in a crazy city like Dublin. When first listening to the EP I did think that “Outlaw” was a strange choice for the lead single as it is the least impactful. However it does have a catchy drum beat during the bridge which leads into a commercial friendly and easy hook that does grow on you with each listen. But you do need to have those couple of listens first which not everyone is going to do and sadly because of this the song will probably get an underwhelming response. I do think “Dublin” or the concealed emotion anthem “Top Of The World” would’ve been stronger selections. The simple guitar pop ballad is coated with a happy outlook that is actually concealing pain and sadness. It’s a beautiful, simple and unintentionally catchy. “Bones” is one of the most diverse sounding tracks in this collection as its quite stripped back compared to the other material and intrigues you with the heartbeat, heavy breathing and finger clicks with the haunting vocal delivery of “set me free”. “Psycho” has been an automatic favourite with listeners and with yet again relatable lyrics it’s no surprise. It looks at when an ex calls you a psycho and being okay with that term because you know that you’re not meant to be as your ideals about love are very different. It brings back that indie rock sound that she’s experimented quite freely with on this record. However it’s the song “Fickle Heart” which steals all your emotions and is the clear highlight of this release. The beautiful and simple collaboration with Tom Jordan has the vocalists harmonising with each other and creating magical moments that I can’t actually find the words to explain the pure emotion, intensity and desperation in their deliveries. “How am I supposed to breathe when you give me nothing, tell me how I can get through to your fickle heart”. This is the song that will have you never forgetting the name Sinead Burgess. Once you hear it, and relate to the pain you will be adding it to your playlists and clicking the replay button over and over again. “Wolf” is a strong collection of tracks which show diversity not just with the genres but also with the lyrical material and vocal delivery. With so much going on in these songs her voice is never overshadowed and with each track she will show you a different side, confirming to you that she is an exciting addition to the Australian pop scene.




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