LIVE REVIEW: At Sunset – Old Museum


Bands touring on singles only is always going to attract a restricted market. With no album, 2 singles and a bunch of covers it’s hard to establish a fan base and while At Sunset have a massive social media following, walking into a 1/4 full venue it’s clear that they didn’t translate into ticket purchases. Support band Hollywood Heartache have been billed “the next answer to 5 Seconds Of Summer” and that is honestly not always a great comparison to receive. Their songs lack substance and have no memorable hooks which for this style of music is very important. Their onstage presence is messy to say the least and relies on the lead singers sex appeal to attain the audiences screams.

Once At Sunset hit the stage their 40 minute set quickly passes with a setlist complied of mostly unreleased material that some fans have already learned the lyrics to from YouTube and other gigs. The songs follow the trend of current singles “Every Little Thing” and “Kiss Me” with their pop/rock sound with a tad Nickelodeon cheese appeal who regularly endorse the band. Over the years their sound has slightly moved towards the rock influenced genre since the departure of Jae Curtis and the introduction of Australian Idol alumni Tom Williams into the line up. The three Adelaide boys have great onstage charisma interacting with the mostly female and under 18 crowd with wit, charm and down to earth banter. They have completely ditched the old music they released with their old band member which was met by mixed reactions with fans who would’ve preferred to have them in the set than some of the unknown material. A set highlight was their acoustic covers section as it allowed all of them to showcase their vocal capability and be a bit more intimate with the crowd. At Sunset put an enjoyable live show on but they need to release an album/EP before they tour again and listen to what their fans want before they tour again. And I wouldn’t mind a better support act either.


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