SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Team


It’s the comeback that has gone under the radar and deservingly needs a bit more love. Iggy Azalea has been absent for the last year since the release of her debut album “The New Classic” and over the past couple of months has revealed that she’s ready to return with her sophomore record “Digital Distortion”. After dropping the hype track “Azillion” in January she has just released the infectious lead single and total jam “Team”. Backed with a trap beat that returns to her early mixtape days and diverts from the pop route her debut album paved. It’s not groundbreaking or anything we haven’t heard from her before but as soon as the hook hits you will be going “YEP”. The songs message revolves around independence and standing up for yourself and with her hard and direct raps and groovy hook you can’t help but start singing along to it. “Baby I got me, and that’s all I need” // “Is someone like me, baby no way, watch me while I do my thing. Me, baby no way, are you rolling with the team?”.  Produced by D.R.U.G.S (the guys behind her mixtape material) I’m really glad that she has returned to just making good music and not focusing on what will chart on pop radio which is a smart move for her right now with the media and public not having the best outlook on her. But can I just say, what is with Iggy and lion roars.. It’s an interesting choice of sound effect that just seems very unnecessary. So if you can put aside your feelings towards Iggy Azalea for 3 minutes and just listen to “Team” you may find yourself really enjoying it.


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