ALBUM REVIEW: Tonight Alive – Limitless


After the global success of their sophomore studio album “The Other Side” it was always going to be tough for Tonight Alive when it came time for them release their third record. “Limitless” is a brave and experimental album that sees them reaching for the arenas they’ve been dreaming of for years. The punk/rock influences are quite minimal on this release with “I Defy” and “How Does It Feel?” catering for their long-time fans while the other 9 tracks dabble further into the pop realm that their sound has been slowly drowning in. Now this isn’t always a bad thing cause look at Paramore, their last album was easily one of their most successful and it donned a big pop focus. However it all depends on the execution and sadly this album provides cheesy lyrics that are hard to digest. They’re trying very hard to be quotable and songs like “Oxygen” and “Waves” will have you cringing and reaching for the skip button. Their ballads have always had a major connection with their fans and they have tried to cater for that but instead they’ve haven’t come across genuine. “We Are” and “Power Of One” are the pinnacle of cheese and would fit perfectly during the credits of a Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Lopez movie, and that’s not always a bad thing as you do always need some cheese in your life. “Everywhere” is that big pop/rock moment that bursts with an infectious hook that you can’t help but want to sing at the top of your lungs. “I feel you everywhere and when it rains you’re in the air touched by the sight like a memory. And when you’re gone I’m in your arms watch over me, I feel you everywhere”. “To Be Free” and “Drive” follow the lead, experimenting with synths and boasting big choruses which would be best suited for arenas. The coherency of this album is lacking and I can’t help but feel like I’m not listening to a Tonight Alive record which is a sad aspect. With the rock elements minimalized it’s all down to Jenna McDougall’s vocal delivery to keep you interested and she succeeds at that. If it wasn’t for her fierce and captivating delivery I probably would’ve given up on this album before the halfway mark. As a body of work “Limitless” is their weakest record to date but there are a couple of moments which outshine their previous material and remind you why you listened in the first place.