ALBUM REVIEW: Elizabeth Rose – Intra


Elizabeth Rose is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists of right now and rightfully so. Her experimental electro-pop fused with RNB elements and soothing vocals will have you bopping along and becoming increasingly intrigued to the world revolving inside her head. On her debut album “Intra” she allows you to enter that world and discover her perspective on social issues, beliefs, worries, fears, love and dreams. It’s a very personal affair that was a big gamble, but it pays off. Opening with the offbeat “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” she stamps her indie-pop sound with a polished electro beat that successfully gets cemented in your head. While this song may reel you in this album has a strong collection of bop worthy, radio ready tracks. “In 3’s” and “Playing With Fire” gives you early Kimbra vibes with a theatrical pop production that needs to be heard through headphones as it almost loses the effect through speakers. “One Shot” further experiments with the RNB elements, making it a song that I’m sure Ciara wishes she had on her last record. The simplicity of “Same Old Song” is genius with its offbeat sound focusing on her impressive vocals with the tempo changes towards the end of the track creating a hair raising moment which will explode live. With a little help from the instrumental interlude “Kensho” it’s a song called “Anxiety” which really has you falling for this songstress. The brutally honest lyrics look at the anxiety that social media creates blending with an electro pop beat that transforms this song into a indie-pop anthem. “10 years ago I never craved the social life”. Where this album really shines is in the production and behind the boards is Elizabeth Rose herself along with an impressive list of collaborators. The vivid imagery and pure vibes enticed me and had me captivated from start to finish. “Close”, “Trust In You” and slow burner “Steel Hearts” close out the album strong with memorable songs that showcase her production efforts incredibly well. Minus a few songs I would’ve left on the cutting room floor to have maximum impact “Intra” is a creative and credible electro pop record that welcomes Elizabeth Rose into your hearts with wide arms.


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