ALBUM REVIEW: Alessia Cara – Know It All


Last year Alessia Cara’s name was quite unknown, fast track into 2016 and she’s quickly becoming one of the hottest newcomers. It’s hard not love her stripped down pop/RNB sound, laidback style and female empowerment stance. Her debut album “Know It All” is a strong collection of pop/RNB tracks that have been flawlessly executed with a production team that is so long I couldn’t even list them all. My major issue with this album is that we’ve already heard half of the record with 5 of the songs featured on her “Four Pink Walls” EP and then you have the current single “Wild Things”. After those you are left with four new songs… F O U R …. Okay please don’t say you blame me for being a bit underwhelmed by this? Because of this bad management decision she has automatically lost maximum impact and hype level and that’s really disappointing because this album has some strong material. Minus “Outaws” and “Stone” she could have made room for some other stronger and fresh material. “I’m Yours” and “Overdose” provide the emotional, fuck boy love songs that you automatically just connect to and go “YES GIRL I FEEL YOU”. Her songwriting is very relatable and almost feels like a diary entry with the intimacy and honesty. “Nobody asked you to get me attached to you, In fact you tricked me. And I wasn’t trying to fall in love but boy you pushed me. So all that I’m asking is that you handle me with caution”. Tracks like “Stars” and “Scars To Your Beautiful” bring out the cheesiness with a slight immaturity that is premeditated when she’s only 19 years old. But as well as know, a bit of cheesiness is always acceptable. We all have our guilty pleasures, and one of mine is cheesy songs. “Wild Things” is a generation anthem and I honestly have no words to describe how perfect “Here” is, but I’m sure you already know that. Alessia’s vocals are raw and don’t need any tricks or gimmicks for you to realise that her talent is the real deal. Her debut is just a small offering of the talent, diversity and message she has for us. Get onto it and discover this album and if you’re like me and already heard the EP then try not be disappointed that here isn’t more.