LIVE REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Old Museum


You may not be familiar with the name Chase Atlantic but trust me it is one you want to get aquatinted with. This alternative three piece continues to impress with their experimental rock tracks that see them regularly getting compared to The 1975 with similar synth and saxophone production. With their forthcoming EP “Paradise” they have stepped it up and compiled a collection of strong tracks that complement their growth as a band and their improved songwriting and production. For the bands pre-release tour they premiered these tracks and one thing that quickly become apparent is that these songs EXPLODE live. Taking to the stage Mitchel, Clinton and Christian launched into a 45 minute set of new songs and fan favourites from their previous EP’s “Dalliance” and “Nostalgia”. An early set favourite was “Meddle About” while “Roxanne”, “Friends” and “Anchor Tattoo” had the mostly adolescent crowd jumping and vibing while thick stage smoke and lazers filled the venue. For an independent band their production and showmanship was highly impressive with many high profile acts failing to provide a show this enjoyable and professional. Lead singer Mitchel Cave commands the stage like a true rock star, multi-instrumentalist Clinton Cave amazes with his raw talent while Christian Anthony brought the sex appeal . New material “Church”, “Slow Down” and “Obsessive” stood out as major bop contenders making this EP a must listen upon its release. However support act The Young Art wasn’t as memorable with a messy set that was “hard to watch” and that’s putting it politely. Their stage presence was lacking and their songs were forgettable except for the drummer giving their songs a much needed texture. But back to Chase Atlantic. If you haven’t discovered them yet, then it’s about time you do.



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