LIVE REVIEW: Jhene Aiko – The Tivoli


Strolling into The Tivoli on a low key Thursday night it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a rather intimate affair. Jhene Aiko is one of the most talked about rising stars with three Grammy nominations and a supportive fanbase that has been constantly growing since her mixtape days. Even with the venue only at half capacity the vibe and energy the crowd was giving was electric enough to transport you. As a support act you always have a tough role and for Thandi Phoenix she had some big shoes to fill but she had nothing to worry about. Commanding the stage with confidence and an impressive set of lungs she belted out future hit after hit. I have never witnessed a support set that had such a strong setlist of songs I hadn’t heard of before but apparently need in my life. It was one of those performances that made me fall in love and crave more and you have to discover her. After a brief interval the crowd excitingly welcomed Jhene Aiko onstage with “Limbo Limbo Limbo” kicking off an hour of soul and RNB vibes. Graciously interacting with the crowd and explaining her excitement to be finally in Australia she performed a set list of old mixtape material and tracks from her debut album “Souled Out”. She has this unique charm that captivates your attention and further creates the intimacy that her show thrives on. Set highlights included “W.A.Y.S”, “Post To Be”, “The Worst” and “Bed Peace” and had you going from bopping along to reflecting regularly. This was one special, beautiful and intimate show that didn’t rely on theatrics or clichés, just pure talent.