SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn – It’s You


I’m all for a ballad, I actually prefer them but when they don’t have any substance or any emotion then I find them pointless. And sadly that is where Zayn’s new single goes wrong. “PillowTalk” was an unprecedented global smash that catapulted his solo career and made his upcoming debut album one of the most anticipated records of the year. After a first listen of “It’s You” he left me bored and wanting to press the skip button and then when my phone decided to replay it I quickly stopped that from happening. The song is very bland from the lyrics to the production to the vocal delivery. The sound he’s trying to create is a moody RNB ballad that has crooning lyrics but the depth is lacking. I don’t feel the emotion or the intensity in this track that I did with “PillowTalk” and it actually sounds like a demo for a boyband song that should have been left on the cutting room floor. This song isn’t the follow up the world was hoping for and doesn’t really show the versatility that they were hoping it would.


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