SINGLE REVIEW: Icona Pop – Someone Who Can Dance


Icona Pop are one of my favourite dynamic duos and for good reason. Their debut album featured banger after banger of pop goodness that has become the soundtrack to any party scene in your favourite movies and a staple in every nightclub. Last year they released the underappreciated “Emergency” which gave you a brassy EDM sound that slightly abandoned their pop roots. After touring the US with One Direction and a solo club tour they are ready to give you another banger that you need in your life. “Someone Who Can Dance” is a playful EDM Pop track which proclaims “I want someone who can dance not someone I can talk to”. This track embodies everything you love about this Swedish twosome with a hook which will tear up any dancefloor and harmonies that are quite simple but are very effective. One thing I’ve always loved about these girls is their quirky and kick ass songwriting. The first verse will have you giggling and falling in love straight away with the random but brilliant lyrics. “Working at the video store, every day is a bore I just dream away. DVDs are gone for life, we just get online and go to Pirate Bay. Tripping like I’m on the moon and when I think of being in the disco light. Give me that bass right up in my face I want glitter on the floor tonight”. This is a song which will make you dance, sing and forget your problems just like any great pop song should.


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