SINGLE REVIEW: FKA Twigs – Good To Love


Fka Twigs is someone who in the past has always provided theatrical and experimental RNB, Indie-Pop and there’s no denying that she slays at that. Her live shows perfectly capture the beauty, intimacy and creative talent that her music embodies. For her upcoming sophomore studio album there is a lot of talk on how this album will sound or feel and we finally may have our first taste. Fka Twigs has just dropped her new single “Good To Love” and it is an intimate and vulnerable affair. She’s always had a perfect amount of intimacy in her material but this song takes it to new extremes. Stripping it back and focusing on her vocals she delivers a beautiful and emotional track. The chorus aches; “Make my body come alive, I’ve got a right to hurt inside so will you hold me while I cry? And let me lay against your side so let me love, it’s good to love, it’s good to love”. The production comes to life in the final 1:18 adding just a little bit of theatrical goodness but I honestly love the direction she went with this song. It’s simple, but captivating. It perfectly captures the true strength to her vocals and the intensity of her talent while showing growth.

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