SINGLE REVIEW: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home Feat. Ty Dolla $ign


“Worth It” was my anthem on 2015 and when it plays in clubs I still drop it and pull out my well-choreographed girl band moves. So, I’m not saying I expected a “Worth It 2.0” but when Fifth Harmony announced their lead single from their upcoming sophomore studio album I wanted something a bit… boppy. “Work From Home” is a mediocre RNB/Pop track which has yet another unnecessary guest rapper adding a flavorless verse. The song lacks production depth with a beat that sound slike it came straight from the Wii home menu and doesn’t give you a tactical change in the hook to make it memorable. It’s to the point where I thought the hook was actually a bridge. However the production does slightly get better after Ty Dolla $ign’s forgettable rap where they add percussion to make you bop, but is it too late? With a strong vocalist like Camilla Cabello you think they would put emphasis on her vocals when the rest of the song is a bit monotonous but no they don’t even pull that card. Don’t get me wrong, the song isn’t terrible but neither is it amazing. As a lead single I expected something a bit bigger and not a track that almost has the same hook as Rihanna’s current single.



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