SINGLE REVIEW: Bonnie Anderson – The Ones I Love

Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Anderson has it all; the voice, the moves and the look but what she’s lacking at the moment is a killer track. Her first two singles “Raise The Bar” and “Blackout” were right on the mark with infectious hooks and flawless production while her follow up singles “Rodeo” and “Unbroken” failed to make any real impact. Sadly her new single “The Ones I Love” join the list of the forgettable singles with an unoriginal beat that is over exhausted. It sounds like every club ready EDM pop track on the scene but lacks an infectious hook that would actually save this mess. Her vocals shine during the pre-chorus and while that sounds promising it is the only positive you will find here. I always look forward to hearing new material from Bonnie Anderson but this time she disappoints.

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