SINGLE REVIEW: Azealia Banks – The Big Big Beat

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is once again looking for a label to release her forthcoming second studio album and in an attempt to speed up the process she has released a hype single. With a title like “The Big Big Beat” you would expect a giant beat drop that would slay your entire existence. Instead we get a weak produced track that sounds like it was created on garage band. Azealia Banks rarely gives us a less than epic rap tracks but this time she has gravely disappointed. Her debut album was strong and this track follows the same structure with a simple beat transforming into a percussion lead drop along with a pop vocal hook. However this time around it’s very predictable and doesn’t command your attention like her previous material. I really wanted to like this track, more so she doesn’t have a reason to drag me on social media but there is nothing to positively comment on. “The Big Big Beat” is an interesting title. “The Big Big Mess” more accurate.



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