SINGLE REVIEW: Cyrus – Keep Talking


X Factor Australia winner Cyrus has hid away from the spotlight for the past couple of months after winning the 2015 television juggernaut to work on his forthcoming studio album. “Keep Talking” is the first offering from this release and it’s the RNB influenced mid-tempo pop ballad you would expect. It sounds like a perfect sequel to his winners single “Stone” and doesn’t stray away from what he knows. There is a brief moment of experimentation with the production prior to the final chorus which takes a leaf out of indie-pop’s finest. This is what I wanted to hear more of because the rest is very predictable and a bit too polished. They are definitely going for a Weeknd vibe with the crooning vocals and it works to an extent. He just doesn’t have the same bad-boy sex appeal that The Weeknd pulls off so incredibly well. The hook is the best thing about this song and will slightly save it as it makes you want to listen to it again. I don’t wanna stay in this place, Its written all over my face. I can’t take it no more, you just keep talking cause I’m walking away”. This isn’t the smash breakthrough hit Cyrus was hoping for, it won’t top the charts but it’s a decent song that sticks to what he knows.

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