ALBUM REVIEW: Foxes – All I Need


Euphoric pop is the current musical trend and I am not complaining about that at all because it’s been a long time since we’ve had some decent, positive pop tracks circulating our airwaves. UK songstress Foxes has just dropped her sophomore studio album “All I Need” and she delivers fifteen feel good, reflecting pop tracks. She bids farewell to her indie-pop sound that was very reminiscent of Florence + The Machine and steers towards the pure pop sound Ellie Goulding has embraced. “Better Love”, “Amazing”, “Shoot Me Down”, “Money”, “Lose My Cool” and the underappreciated “Body Talk” perfectly capture the sound and airy vibe she wanted to create with this record. “Cruel” and “Wicked Love” bring the sickening sweet pop which at a first listen I could’nt stand but after a couple of spins they became bearable but still made me feel like I was listening to a Glee soundtrack (and not in a good way). The remaining of the album is compiled of ballads and while some impress with soaring vocals and beautiful imagery others are dreary and get lost. “Devil Side” and “Scar” are darker and escape the bubbliness and allow her to get real. “For someone who didn’t love me well, now you’re just a scar”. Wrapping up the album, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” and title track “All I Need” are the only two tracks that capture the essence of her debut album and I’m glad she didn’t just try to recreate “Glorious” because it wouldn’t have felt natural. Whereas this exploration of pop might be at times over produced but it feels like the right approach for her. The fact that the bonus tracks are better than some of the material on the standard album is worrying though. “All I Need” is a feel good pop record that focuses on her strong vocals and has some killer moments but is sadly affected by average execution.





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