LIVE REVIEW: Tonight Alive – The Metro


Australian pop/rock band Tonight Alive have received a lot of comparisons over the years to Paramore but they’ve finally shaken them off and are now just being referenced as Tonight Alive. Bursting onto the stage with “To Be Free” they welcomed the hometown crowd to an intimate evening celebrating the bands previous releases and previewed sections off their third studio album “Limitless” which is due out in March. The new sound is heavily electronic influenced and sees a new vibe being brought to their live show which has had the same style of pop/rock music dominating their set for years. Seeing this band live too many times previously to count it’s so great seeing them experimenting and having fun on stage. “Hell And Back”, “Listening”, “The Edge”, “The Other Side” and “Drive” received the biggest crowd responses with people crowd surfing left, right and centre towards the end of the show. The show was broken up with an acoustic section where they performed “Amelia” and “Breaking And Entering”. This was a cool addition to their show because we don’t always get to see Acoustic Tonight Alive and with Jenna’s vocals you do want to witness this. This was one of the strongest times I’ve seen Tonight Alive and something tells me they are just warming up. However a small venue with a sold out crowd on a hot summers night when the air con isn’t working isn’t a fun time.


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