LIVE REVIEW: Adam Lambert – Enmore Theatre


Looking around at the sold out crowd filing up the Enmore Theatre I couldn’t help but be impressed with the wide age range and walks of life that were entering the venue. That shouldn’t be a surprise though because Adam Lambert has it all; the voice, the stage presence, the moves and the looks. He had the gays going crazy as well as the old women and the teenage girls all wanting a bit of him. Appearing through the smoke on stage he opened the show with a rock influenced version of “Evil In the Night” and had the crowd in hysterics as the stage lit up for the first time revealing his arrival. Launching straight into “For Your Entertainment” he gave the crowd a bit of glam before showing off his dance skills grooving his way across the stage to “Ghost Town”. The show was well put together with three distinctive sections; the anger, the love and the club. He included songs from all three albums as well as covers from his American Idol days like “Mad World” and David Bowie tribute “Let’s Dance”. He also created some medleys with fan favourites that surprised the Glamberts like “Runnin/Chokehold/Sleepwalker”, “The Light/The Original High/Never Close Our Eyes” and “Tresspassing/Another One Bites The Dust”. This kept the show interesting and allowed long term fans to see tracks they’ve always wished to see live as he didn’t tour the last record. The acoustic portion of the show saw him talking to the crowd and opening up about what tonight and this album meant to him. It also allowed his vocals to really shine with “Whataya Want From Me” giving goosebumps and had my jaw dropping for the four minute duration. Actually most of the night my jaw was in that position. “The club” section saw him showing off his sassy side with “Shady” and “Fever” bringing the camp fun that you so badly wanted from this show. Closing with a 10 minute reggae version of “If I Had You” was pretty excessive but I didn’t want the show to finish so I happily took it. Adam wasn’t the only talented one on stage with his backup singers doubling as dancers performing some impressive choreography and giving the show some extra flavor. Holly’s moves during “Lucy” had me spellbound. This was the ultimate pop show; professional, fun, interactive, heaps of visuals, dancing and just a lot of talent on one stage. If you missed this show then I really am sorry.