ALBUM REVIEW: Rachel Platten – Wildfire


Rachel Platten is one of the industry’s most underrated newcomers. Her mainstream debut is the perfect balance of sass and emotion that showcases her strong songwriting abilities. The musical direction on “Wildfire” is reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen with a clean pop vocal delivery and well curated hooks that will easily get stuck in your head. “Fight Song” was over hyped and when listening to the album in its entirety the song sounds forced and unnatural. I really wasn’t excited for this album because of it but when I heard the euphoric and inspirational “Stand By You” she had me hooked. The rest of the album follows this lead with feel-good pop tracks that are made for massive singalongs and allow some much needed dancing to happen. “Hey Hey Hallelujah”, “Lone Ranger” and “Astronauts” provide the boppy, synth filled moments that will ignite the sassy dancing inside of you and perfectly level the emotional material that is featured on the record. “Speechless” is one of my favourite moments on the album as it perfectly captures that euphoric feeling and gives you passionate lyrics about falling for someone. “Better Place”, “Beating Me Up”, “Congratulations” and “Superhero” will also pull on your heart strings and create a little tingling feeling inside of you with their strong hooks. The only other song that joins “Fight Song” on this record in the to-be-skipped category is “Angels In Chelsea”. I love the lyrics and premise for the song but the execution is weak and should have been stripped down. As a body of work “Wildfire” is a strong mainstream debut for Rachel Platten that has the right amount of honesty and playfulness. A really good beginning for 2016.