LIVE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Suncorp Stadium


The success story of Taylor Swift is quite extraordinary and with the release of her fifth studio album 1989 there was no doubt that the following tour would be a spectacle. But nothing could have prepared me for how impressive this show was and being able to see how she has grown as an artist. Her confidence on stage with choreography and theatrics is commendable while still managing to hold onto her roots with her intimate acoustic session. Opening with “Welcome To New York” she rose from the ground surrounded by all male dancers. The stage was lit up with New York imagery, neon signs, park benches and street lights placed around the stage to give the allure. The setlist was heavily compiled of tracks from “1989” but this wasn’t a bad thing at all because it still seemed like a great hits show. “New Romantics”, “Blank Space”, “I Wish You Would”, “How You Get The Girl” and “I Know Places” dominated the first half of the set. An early set highlight was a really interesting remix of “I knew You Were Trouble”. She began sitting on the catwalk singing Acapella with Lorde esq production before launching into an electrified rock version with bursts of smoke. She managed to somehow make a 50,000 capacity venue feel intimate while she flew over the crowd on a cherry picker singing “Clean”, “Love Story” and dedicating “Mine” to a fan who passed away the previous week. After reducing the majority of the audience to tears she brought back the dance anthems with “Style”, a kick ass rendition of “Bad Blood” followed by a rock remix of “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. One of my favourite moments of the show came from the stripped back piano rendition of “Wildest Dreams” which she perfectly mashed up with “Enchanted”. Closing the show with “Out Of The Woods” and “Shake It Of” she circled the arena on her flying catwalk with fireworks celebrating In the sky. While the show was overly theatrical and saw her become more “pop” she still managed to hold onto her roots, maintain strong vocals and keep a 50,000 strong crowd feel intimate. I am not a fan of stadium shows but tonight Taylor Swift did.

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