ALBUM REVIEW: Fleur East – Love, Sax & Flashbacks


This UK songstress quickly had me in high anticipation for her debut album with the infectious “Sax” cemented in my brain after a first listen. Fleur East knows how to deliver catchy pop tracks that ooze big choruses and playful lyrics and her debut album perfectly showcases that. “Love, Sax & Flashbacks” will have you dancing from start to finish with radio ready tracks that all have the potential to become hits. The album is clearly inspired by the funk sound Mark Ronson reintroduced to the world with “Uptown Funk” and sees East giving her pop spin. “Gold Watch” is the most similar track to “Sax” and I can’t help but feel it’s a bit unnecessary to have this on the record. “Breakfast” introduces a pure pop approach with gooey melodies that you can’t deny but tap along to. “I wasn’t even bout to come tonight but I look too good to stay inside my house. There ain’t nothing left on Netflix, when I’m restless, I get reckless but don’t worry about me, don’t worry”. “Paris”, “Over Getting Over” and “Baby Don’t Dance” find the perfect balance between the pop and rap genres while the structure of “Love Me Or Leave me Alone” is a bit more experimental. “Like That” is the song you will want to booty pop for your life to and may just find yourself lip synching to it on public transport. These songs are perfectly pop crafted and will have you instantly falling in love. The album lacks ballads and with her powerful vocal range it’s a bit confusing why there ain’t any. There is a lack of emotion but you can’t deny the electric vibes she gives you instead with banger after banger. “Love, Sax & Flashbacks” is a strong debut album that will allow her to dominate radio and deliver high energy, fun live shows.



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