ALBUM REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood


At times Troye Sivan’s debut album bores with repetitive production and anti-climactic hooks but what he excels in is the groundbreaking lyrical content. Sivan has a unique platform to tell his story and is constantly looked to as a gay role model. “Blue Neighbourhood” allows him to open up and sees him becoming one of the first mainstream artists to tackle gay issues surrounding coming out and the complex dating world. As a 21 year old gay male I can personally relate to all these songs with similar views on my first gay clubbing experience (“Bite”), the intimate experience of coming out (“Heaven”) or having to feel like you constantly need to impress everyone (“Cool”). It’s very unique to finally have a voice to cover these topics and lyrically he delivers and excels with some goosebump worthy moments. “WILD” is the big pop track that will lure people to listen to this piece of work but the production on the rest of the songs is a bit try-hard indie pop. In some cases it works like “Fools”, “Cool”, “Ease”, “For Him” and “Blue” but in others like “Bite”, “Talk Me Down”, “Lost Boy”, “Suburbia” and “Too Good” it becomes lackluster and repetitive. The album needs to refined more and needed to focus on the concept a bit more which would have been enhanced with brief interludes and distinct sections similar to Tove Lo’s debut “Queen Of The Clouds”. Aside from “WILD” the only other possible hit could be “Youth” which is an anthem of all sorts. “My youth is yours, run away now and forever more my youth is yours”. My favourite moment on this album is the emotional coming out track “Heaven” which features the gorgeous vocals by Betty Who. This song needs to be heard for so many different reasons. The lyrics are heartfelt, the harmonies are beautiful and it’s all tied together with a strong pop hook. “How do I get to heaven without changing a part of me” // “The truth runs wild like a tear down a cheek. Trying to save face and daddys heart break. I’m lying through my teeth, this voice inside has been eating at me”. This album has received a lot of hype on social media and from bloggers alike and I’m not going to lie and say this album is flawless because it’s not. The album is mediocre in the production element and you will find yourself skipping a couple of tracks. But when you do listen to this album take a moment to actually listen to it, listen to the lyrics and have your eyes opened.

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