ALBUM REVIEW: The Vamps – Wake Up




The Vamps were one of my “bands to watch” acts for a long time with a string of catchy pop tracks backed by strong vocals  and quotable lyrics making them an undeniable success. But the pressure of staying relevant and successful while One Direction disappear has them crumbling. “Wake Up” is a messy pop record that fails to leave the impact that “Meet The Vamps” had with lacklustre and forgettable pop tracks that are simply cringeworthy. Lead single and title track “Wake Up” had me questioning just how this album would be and I quoted it as being boring, but in comparison it is one of the more interesting tracks on the album. “Windmills”, “I Found A Girl” and “Boy Without A Car” will literally have you wanting to smash your head against a brick wall because they are that tacky and I honestly don’t know what they were thinking. “Volcano” is lyrically gimmicky but is saved by an interesting experimentation. They dabble with EDM and slight talking-rapping on this interesting track that channels the “Overexposed” Maroon 5 era. The band have always found that their acoustic tracks and covers connect with the fans in a bigger way but this time around their stripped down tracks are quite… Boring. “Stolen Moments” and “Held By Me” fail to impress while “Million Words” just sounds like a C-Grade cut of “Hey There Delilah”. They however do make it up with the boppy “Rest Your Love”, “Be With You” and “Burn” which sees them going back to their old formula and stepping it up with strong harmonies. “Cheater” also stands out with its playful and catchy hook that you can’t help but sing along to. What this album is lacking is the impact their debut had. There are no hits but there are good songs that will translate well live and will help them focus on the touring market while One Direction are M.I.A. If you weren’t already a fan of The Vamps then this album won’t appeal to you and even if you are already a fan that doesn’t guarantee you will like this disappointing sophomore album.


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