LIVE REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Brisbane Entertainment Centre



Jason Derulo kicked off his “Everything Is 4 World Tour” in Australia over the weekend and with a strong line up of supports he nearly got overshadowed.

Snapchat queen Pia Mia kicked off the show with an energetic set that showcased her incredible dance moves, powerful vocals and catchy RNB flavoured tracks. Joined by four dancers she took the audience back to her roots from Guam that allowed her to be a bit more personable. Stripping it down she acoustically performed covers of Drakes “Hold On We’re Coming Home” and Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” showing just how powerful her vocals are. Finishing off the set with her smash singles “Touch” and “Do It Again” she left the crowd wanting and needing more.

Austin Mahone seemed a bit of a weird fit on the line up for this show, attracting a younger and more of a pop audience. His set was structured very similar to Pia Mia’s with the dancing being at the forefront and a acoustic section where he played the guitar to show his versatility in talents. Musically the set was a bit all over the place, he played old tracks like “Say You’re Just A Friend” and “What About Love” which are pure pop while new tracks “Put It On Me” and “Dirty Work” see him tackling a RNB sound which sounds forced and a bit awkward. During “U” he brought a fan on stage and serenaded her to the half interested crowd. Closing the set with the pure banger “Mmm Yeah” he had the audience dancing and enjoying the last couple of minutes. Otherwise his set was sadly quite forgettable and wasn’t the standout experience I was expecting.

Another confusing addition to this line up was T.I. Because he ain’t pop at all. But I was pretty keen to finally see him live and he didn’t disappoint. He gave the old school fans a lot of his old material as well as all his hits like “Whatever You Like”, “Live Your Life”, “No Mediocre” and “Private Show”. Running around the stage with his hype man he kept it quite simple production wise and with a 50 min set it did get a bit long and repetitive.

After what did seem like a long wait Jason Derulo finally made it to the stage. Surrounded by dancers he opened with “In My Head” and kicked into a set of hit after hit. “Trumpets”, “Other Side”, “Wiggle”, “Marry Me”, “Whatcha Say” and “Ridin Solo” dominated the first half of the set and saw him mix it up with fresh remixes and enhancements from an energetic live band. Last years show had a lot of cringe worthy moments but this year he only had one. That moment happened during “It Girl” where he rolled around the stage on a swag board…. Yep apparently that’s now a thing. There were a lot of dance breakdowns but with a strong ensemble and structure it worked well. One thing he did incredibly well on his first tour in 2010 was an acoustic session which allowed him to show off his vocal range and I did find that this show didn’t allow him to have that moment and saw his vocals not being a priority. His anecdotes and audience interaction was on point which helped made “Cheyenne” a highlight. Closing out the show with “Don’t Want To Go Home”, “Talk Dirty” and “Want To Want Me” he had the audience up and dancing and singing loud. The shows structure was a lot stronger than last year’s embarrassing affair and saw him reclaiming himself as a top notch performer. The only criticism is that the show needed a bit more intimacy.


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