LIVE REVIEW: Florence + The Machine – Riverstage



If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that Florence + The Machine knows how to put on one hell of a show. Strolling out onto the stage gracefully waving like the queen she is, she launched into fan favourite “What The Water Gave Me” and perfectly captured what tonight’s show would be; pure emotion, crowd interaction, energy and flawless vocals. For the next 90 minutes she gave the crowd a mix of old favourites like “Cosmic Love” and “Rabbit Heart” as well as a selection of tracks from her new album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”. Joined on stage by an extensive live band these songs really come to life and the energy that was created can only be described as electric. “What Kind Of Man”, “Delilah” and “Spectrum” are perfect examples of these moments. She is quite the entertainer and showed her devotion for the fans during “Rabbit Heart” as she ran through the crowd to the back of the venue to the wheelchair viewing platform to get up close and personal. During “Third Eye” she asked the crowd to put down their phones and just enjoy the moment for just one song and as if it were a miracle everyone obliged and created one of the most magical moments of the evening. Before saying good night to the crowd she belted out “Dog Days Are Over” and asked the crowd to embrace each other before telling them to take one piece of clothing off and put it in the air to feel free. And one by one Brisbane got a bit naked. Returning to the stage for an encore she unleashed her inner Stevie Nicks during “Mother” before closing the concert with the energetic and perfect closer “Drumming Song” I found myself wanting and needing more Florence in my life.

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