ALBUM REVIEW: Samantha Jade – Nine


I could start this review off with a joke about how the title “Nine” references how long we have been waiting for the album but in all seriousness Samantha Jade’s debut record perfectly balances pure heartbreak with upbeat feel good pop tracks. Album opener “Always” instantly hits you with infectious pop beats, a cool guitar riff and a hook that will have you just wanting to dance like an idiot. The vocal production is very similar to Ariana Grande and sees her effortlessly hitting high notes. “Only Just Begun” offers a euro pop taste and with each listen this song will grow on you with its unusual pop approach. “Born To Be Alive” adds a EDM focus with big synths and dance beats that are reminiscent to her single “Firestarter” that is sadly missing from this collection. Somehow “Shake That” made the track listing and while the verses and bridge are quite enjoyable it’s the tacky chorus that ruins this songs appeal. With Tinashe and Pia Mia becoming increasingly popular it’s no surprise that the RNB/EDM fusion has been experimented on this album. “Show Me Love” is a track that oozes sex appeal and will have you slightly confused where this came from but ultimately digging the vibe. The production seems a bit rushed with a disjointed transition into the hook. Samantha returns to her roots on this album with RNB/Pop influenced tracks that dominated her early 2000’s career. “What You Want” is one of the albums strongest songs and perfectly captures this sound effortlessly. Co-written by Will Singe this track is sexier and will instantly become a fan favourite. “I just wanna give you what you want, so you’ll know you’re the only one cause your body’s calling me and you know it. All I ask for is you with the lights down low”. “Wait For It” steps up the RNB sound with an offbeat guitar hook that will intrigue and want you to listen to it again. However “Naked” doesn’t offer the same feel or emotion and is quite lackluster in its effect. Samantha has always been a fan of a good ballad and she offers quite the selection. “Let The Good Times Roll” is quite cinematic and would fit perfectly as a montage moment in a film whilst “Castle” is the triumphant love ballad however both of these tracks don’t come close to the emotional album closer. Title track “Nine” is a heartbreaking and beautiful ballad that reflects on the events that have occurred in her life over the last couple of years. With backing vocals by her two younger brothers it is the perfect dedication to her mother who passed away last year and the perfect conclusion to this versatile pop record. “Nine” is a solid collection of pop tracks that showcase Jade’s strong vocal ability along with smart production and infectious hooks.

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