SINGLE REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Black And Blue


Ever since his album “Armageddon” Guy Sebastian has struggled to make an impact on the charts but with the release of “Black And Blue” this trend may change. Armed with strong production, powerful lyrics and a club ready breakdown this song has everything it needs to be a smash. “Somebody’s gonna love you, love you like I never could. When you were mine to hold I never held you like I should. Somebody’s gonna touch you in places I could not get to. My love was not enough and it leaves me black and blue”. The song has an improved sound and feel for Sebastian that does see him opening himself up to a younger and broader fan base. He hasn’t allowed his vocals to be compromised either which is a common occurrence when artists try to update their image but he has held firm to his roots. I’m really digging this song and can’t help but want to bop along when I hear it, let’s just hope he can back it up with something else equally strong and not generic like his last attempts at singles from his album “Madness”.




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  1. “Ever since his album “Armageddon” Guy Sebastian has struggled to make an impact on the charts” I think you may have forgotten the lead single from his last album. Like A Drum reached #4, spent ten weeks in the top 10, and achieved triple platinum certification. It also has just gone platinum in Sweden. So maybe you should have said he has struggled since Like A Drum. Although a top ten gold selling album, and three top twenty gold certified singles (Come Home with Me #13, Mama Ain’t Proud #17 and Linger #17) may be the sort of struggling a lot of Aussie acts would not mind having, especially with the lack of radio support he got for those three singles. Anyway, great review.

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