SINGLE REVIEW: Missy Elliott – WTF (Where They From)


She’s finally back and I’m stanning so hard. Missy Elliott’s comeback has been one of the most talked about all year after her surprise performance with Katy Perry at the Super Bowl. Her highly awaited comeback single does not disappoint one bit. “WTF (Where They From)” is a drum heavy track that offers tribal and good time vibes all round. I was really worried when I read that Pharrell Williams featured on the track because recently his songs have been less that favourable however he finally delivers the goods. The way they bounce off each other is fun and has Missy delivering a killer rap that puts Azealia Banks back into her place. She reminds everyone who actually paved the way and who can still kill it after being out of the game for a little while. The production is on point and will have every part of you popping and wanting to get jiggy. It’s a catchy track that clubs will pick up, radio will love and will become the new party anthem. Welcome back Missy, it’s been too long!

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