ALBUM REVIEW: One Direction – Made In The A.M


I honestly didn’t think I would be writing this review saying that I actually like the album. I know that sounds so pretentious but it’s only because their last couple of albums have been quite boring and saw them become lazy and uninspired and not just in the studio but on stage as well.  “Made In The A.M” sees them tackling an improved musical direction that has a strong 90’s pop rock influence and I’m LOVING it. The songs are made for the stadium and would come alive on a mid-summers night. Opener “Hey Angel” sets the albums mood with strong instrumentation and smooth harmonies that are reminiscent of Robbie Williams. This album does contain a lot of ballads and mid-tempo tracks with a few becoming lost and failing to stand out. “If I Could Fly”, “History”, “Perfect”, “Infinity” and “End Of The Day” deliver the strongest of these style of tracks while the likes of “Long Way Down”, “Never Enough”, “Love You Goodbye” and “I Want To Write You A Song” fail to make an impact. “Drag Me Down” was a powerful lead single and not many songs challenge it except the absolute banger “Olivia”, the vibey “What A Feeling” and the jiggy “Temporary Fix”. These songs showcase their personalities quite well and it’s so great hearing them comfortable and experimenting. The pure highlight for this album comes from the final deluxe track “A.M” which is a stripped down guitar ballad that has them harmonizing perfectly and giving you honest and relatable lyrics. “Won’t you stay ’til the A.M.? All my favourite conversations always made in the A.M cause we don’t know what we’re saying. We’re just swimming round in our glasses and talking out of our asses”. I can’t help but question if Zayn was holding them back. I never thought that he was but with this strong release and experimentation I can’t help but feel he was. It’s not a perfect album, there are some skippable tracks but compared to their previous records it’s a massive improvement and has them finishing off their record deal in a mature way. Zayn’s high notes are noticeably missing and there is more whiny vocals from Louis but the others step up and harmonize stronger than before.

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