ALBUM REVIEW: Justin Bieber – Purpose


Justin Bieber has been delivering bop after bop recently with a string of hits that have separated his babyface image to the artist he has now become. On his fourth studio album “Purpose” he opens up, strips it down and bares you his all and not it’s not his penis again, I’m talking about his emotional vulnerability. Album opener “Mark My Words” is a simple RNB track that showcases his vocal maturity and re-introduces his listeners to him has an artist. The bangers then begin; the skrillex produced “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You” offer the most experimental sounds while “What Do You Mean” and “Where Are You Now” are just certified great EDM tracks. From there though there isn’t many other upbeat EDM tracks with the only other offering being the catchy and motivational “Children”. Bieber’s ballads have always been my favourite however this time he doesn’t give you the vulnerability or impact that “Down To Earth”, “Fall” or “Believe” had. “Life Is Worth Living” and “Purpose” are just quite boring and feel forced and insincere. But my favourite track on the album comes from the relaxed guitar ballad “Love Yourself” which is a “I’m over you and fuck you” anthem. Co-written by Ed Sheeran this song excels with its smooth harmonies and quirky lyrics and will have you yelling SHADE at the line “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone”. One of the most talked about collaborations was with up and coming starlet Halsey and they don’t disappoint with the ultra-cool alternative EDM track “The Feeling”. However the rest of the album is filled with sexually charged RNB tracks that will explode your ovaries and even if you don’t have them it is possible, trust me. “Company”, “No Sense” and “No Pressure” sound like they just came off “Journals” and I’m glad he further explored this sound. These tracks are the most mature and developed on the album and are also the most impressive. They are the ones that people who weren’t Justin Bieber fans before will be most drawn towards and pleasantly surprised by. “Purpose” is a coming of age album that cements him as a redefined artist and will have everyone coming out of the closet and saying they love Justin Bieber. It’s about time.

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