SINGLE REVIEW: Marlisa – Forever Young


2014 X Factor Australia winner Marlisa has literally disappeared for the past year except for occasionally popping up at your local Westfield to attempt to stay relevant. However she has returned with an underwhelming and tacky first single that is extremely forgettable. Did I list enough descriptive words for you to not want to listen to it? “Forever Young” sounds like a demo that Hilary Duff or Selena Gomez laughed off their latest records with its overused whistle and Caribbean vibe which I’m just very confused about. Her vocals have been compromised to try give a “fun” sound and that’s a real shame because that was the one thing that really stood her out of the pack last year. Her winners single “Stand By You” was a strong release because of the powerful lyrics and vocals and with that standard there was always going to be a lot of comparisons drawn for her next single. Sadly “Forever Young” just didn’t deliver anything memorable or good to your airwaves. It’s a waste of talent really.

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