ALBUM REVIEW: Little Mix – Get Weird


“Get Weird” is an appropriate title for Little Mix’s third studio album because in amongst the messy collection of tracks I would best describe this album as weird. It’s very incohesive and sees them attempting too many different genres that make them just seem lost as artists. From the pure pop “Black Magic” to the forgettable doo-woop “Love Me Like You” and “A.D.I.D.A.S” they attempt RNB, Acapella, ballads and big in your face urban pop tracks. The quality of tracks is very b-grade and they seem to focus on giving you a lot of songs but not quality. “Weird People”, “Hair” and “OMG” are quite in your face pop songs that have just the right amount of personality to make them enjoyable. Whereas “Grown” or “A.D.I.D.A.S.” fail to leave an impact and just seem to annoy you more than anything. The girls love their ballads and when they get it right I am not complaining. “Love Me Or Leave Me” is their most intimate and emotional song to date and with their powerful vocal delivery you can hear the heartbreak too clearly. “Do you remember when you loved me once? What happened, what happened? And you’d hold me here just because”. “Lightning” is an EDM ballad that brings a really cool style of production to the album and gives them some versatility that they could have explored further. Sadly “Secret Love Song”, “I Love You”, “The End”, “Clued Up” and “The Beginning” don’t bring the same amount of emotion or power and these ballads end up becoming VERY forgettable. I have to praise their vocals though because that is where they really shine. Their harmonies are tight and they prove why they are the biggest girl group of right now. I just wish “Get Weird” wasn’t as messy as it is and they had a more refined collection of tracks that gave you a heavier impact.

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