ALBUM REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Delirium

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The transformation of Ellie Goulding over the past couple of years has been very interesting. “Lights” was the coming of age discovery, “Halcyon” was a very emotional experience whereas her third studio album “Delirium” is a very different listening experience. When listening to this record I didn’t have the instant emotional connection I had when I listened to her previous albums. It’s very upbeat with each song providing a euphoric and infectious feeling that sees her rebranding herself as a popstar. You can tell that she is in a really happy place at the moment and these songs reflect that mind space. She’s worked with some of pops biggest producers like Max Martin and Greg Kurstin and she’s experimented with sounds that she’s only ever dabbled in previously. “Something In The Way You Move”, “Lost And Found”, “Army”, “Paradise”, “Don’t Need Nobody” and “Aftertaste” provide the “big” pop moments with their infectious hooks. The most surprising experimentation comes from “I Do What I Love” which is a funky Bollywood inspired bop that will have you getting d o w n. “Around U” sees her trying out the doo-woop sound that Meghan Trainor made popular again. This song is alright, it’s cute and will grow on you with each listen. “Codes” and “Don’t Panic” are two of my favourite tracks on this album and for good reason. They are both social looks at relationships and the games people play and they also both have some of the strongest hooks on this record. “Why you wanna ruin a good thing, can we take it back to the start? When loves not playing out like the movies it doesn’t mean it’s falling apart, don’t panic”. The one thing this album is lacking is ballads. Like seriously. There are no ballads…. The closest we have is “The Greatest” which is honestly such a cute moment on the album and I wish we had more like that. “Scream It Out” and “Holding On For Life” are the closest sounding tracks to her old sound and for long term fans these will be two of your favourite tracks. There are a couple of songs which are skippable and aren’t as memorable as the others but at 22 tracks long (deluxe edition) you kind of expect that. “Delirium” is a strong pop record that sees her embodying the new found confident pop star that she’s become and will have you dancing from start to finish.

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