SINGLE REVIEW: Tonight Alive – Human Interaction


After the massive success of their 2013 sophomore studio album “The Other Side” Tonight Alive have returned with material that has been made to feed your soul and free your mind. “Human Interaction” is the first single from the highly anticipated “Limitless” and has them a bit more mellow, vulnerable and real. They have always received comparisons to Paramore but they may finally stop receiving them with this new single. It’s a mature sound that lead singer Jenna McDougall explains to be because of the emotional connection the fans had with the last album inspiring the band to give them something powerful. With each listen the song grows on you and while it won’t hit you with quick punch lines and a heavy hook it will have you captivated by the pure emotion. The desperation of her repeating the words “I will be better” will have you weak and impressed. Her vocals have noticeably improved with a stronger delivery conveying the emotion solidly. “Human Interaction” is a strong return for Tonight Alive and proves that they aren’t here to be receiving comparisons anymore.

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