SINGLE REVIEW: Pia Mia – Touch


BANGER ALERT! Pia Mia has done it again and delivered a song that will dominate your summer playlists and have you uncontrollably singing along. “Touch” is an EDM-Pop track that has her exploring past her RNB roots and giving you a new musical direction. Her vocals are still as pure as before but she shows us a new versatility with some incredible high notes that will have you IMPRESSED to say the least. However the production is very similar to Justin Bieber’s “Where Are You Now” and “What Do You Mean” with its relaxed indie-EDM approach which is a tad boring once you hear the similarities. The lyrics are steamy and seductive and sees her holding onto her sex appeal that she’s stamped on her previous bad ass singles. “Cause sometimes all I wanna do is be touched. All I wanna do is be loved. All I wanna do is be touched, so touch me”. It’s taken me a little while to jump on the Pia Mia bandwagon but I’m finally on and I’m so glad because “Touch” is a BOP.

P.S. Can I just saw how amazing she looks in the single artwork? Like, that’s queen worthy.

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