SINGLE REVIEW: Ariana Grande – Focus


Why does Ariana Grande think it’s okay to have some creepy sounding man yell things at her listeners? First of all we had some guy yelling about having one less problem and now on her new single we have a random guy yelling about focusing on her. Like…….is it really necessary? “Focus” is an interesting pop song that sees her throwing the production back to an early 2000’s Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears era with a cute and funky pop beat that will have you bopping along until the hook hastily interrogates you. The structure is very similar to “Problem” and will see it unsurprisingly receive a lot of “Problem 2.0” references. I can’t help but feel that this song would’ve been 10x better without the male vocal and would’ve been better sung by Ariana herself. “Let’s find a light inside our universe now, where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down. Just come and get it and let them say what they say”. She also uses the word “Bae” in the song. Yes, that is now apparently a thing and I’m very unsure why the word “babe” wasn’t suffice. “Focus” is a tad messy and the chorus is one of the worst hooks I’ve heard all year but the verses gave my life with a retro pop throwback that I want more of please.

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