ALBUM REVIEW: Nathaniel – Yours


X Factor alumni Nathaniel has been gracing our airwaves for the past two years with some infectious pop tracks. He’s toured the country with the likes of Mariah Carey, Soulfest and Jessica Mauboy and now he’s finally ready to give us his debut studio album. “Yours” is a collection of soul influenced ballads and uptempo pop/funk jams that perfectly capture the power of his vocals. At only 10 tracks long half of the album is compiled of his singles so the element of surprise is limited. “You” and “Your Beautiful” will have you belting out in falsetto along with Nathaniel while “Live Louder” will have you busting out your “Uptown Funk” styled dancing. “Flava” and “Always Be Yours” were my least favourite singles and are unsurprisingly my least favourite tracks on the album with their tacky and forgettable hooks. Album opener “Animals” offers an INXS influenced riff that will have you grooving along and singing along to this infectious tune. If this doesn’t become a single then I’m suing because this is a B O P. “There’s something in the air tonight that’s making it feel so good. Every once in a while sometimes you gotta lose your mind”. The mid-tempo ballad “Extinct” channels a sexier side of his vocals while the RNB flavored “Bedroom” will have you swooning. “Addicted” brings back the recycled guitar riff that “Animals”, “Live Louder” and “Flava” have already overused, so the impact this song could have had is overshadowed and quickly becomes forgettable. Album closer “Don’t Let A Good Thing Go” reminds you why you listened to this album. It captures his incredible vocal range, sex appeal, emotion and well written lyrics with a powerful hook making this my favourite track on the album. “When I’m out in the rain screaming at your door, when I’m banging the walls like an animal, when I can’t speak I’m trying to let you know… don’t let a good thing go”. While the album is quite short the quality of tracks is commendable with strong production leading this record. Also, having writing credits on every song just proves that Nathaniel is the real deal and will have you questioning why he didn’t go further in the reality TV juggernaut.

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