LIVE REVIEW: Robbie Williams – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


A year ago I stood in the same arena and saw Robbie Williams smash out two incredible swing themed shows. He impressed with his charisma, cheekiness and I couldn’t fault his vocals one bit. This time around he stripped the theatrics down and gave the fans what they wanted, a greatest hits show. Opening with the monster “Let Me Entertain You” he had the audience eating out of his palm from the moment he rose onto the stage. Exclaiming to the crowd “My name is Robbie fucking Williams, this is my band and for the next two hours your ass is mine” and I think the packed arena was pretty okay with this statement. He launched into a setlist of all your favourite hits like “Rock DJ”, “Come Undone”, “Me And My Monkey”, “Better Man” and my personal fave “Supreme”. For the first half of the show Williams seemed to be a bit “over it’, he was barely singing the songs and spent half the time speaking the tracks and getting the crowd to sing them for him. It was one of those moments where I found myself thinking “does he actually want to be here right now?”, the answer was most likely no. It was about half way through the show, after his acoustic session that he seemed to finally warm up to the energetic crowd and found his onstage ego again. He started to get playful with the crowd and told some hilarious anecdotes about his children and career which helped create the intimate vibe he was trying to set. Closing out the show with the energetic “Kids”, an INCREDIBLE cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, an emotional rendition of “Angels” and a karaoke finale of “My Way” he left the crowd in awe and simply wanting more. He is an incredible showman and he reminded you why you spent good money to see him with a two hour show that went by so quickly I had to double check if it actually went for that long. This wasn’t the best I’ve seen him, his vocals could’ve been stronger and more effort could have been given for the first half of the show but the second half had me hooked, laughing and smiling.

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