SINGLE REVIEW: One Direction – Perfect


I’m really loving One Direction’s new sound and I never thought I would say that. Look, I loved their early material but then they became misguided, bored and released some really uninspired pop tracks. After losing Zayn Malik they have become experimental again and are providing strong pop tracks with a rock influence which will complement their live show well. “Perfect” is the groups second lead single for their fifth studio album “Made In The AM” and it’s a sure fire hit. It’s catchy, mature and offers a totally quotable hook which will have girls swooning again. “But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms and if you like having secret little rendezvous, If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do baby, I’m perfect, baby I’m perfect for you”. Lyrically these new tracks come across honest and open and doesn’t see them try “too hard”. The only direction I’m not liking is allowing Louis Tomlinson to take the lead vocals because we all know he’s the weakest vocalist in the group and auto-tune doesn’t suit their harmonies. #FACT

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