ALBUM REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Confident



Demi Lovato has a new found confidence and she’s flaunting it. On the appropriately titled fifth studio album “Confident” this album sees her breaking ties with Disney for once and for all and becoming the artist she is truly meant to be. The sexual experimenting “Cool For The Summer” and empowerment anthem “Confident” lead the album with strong hooks and a leading message that she is not messing around. I just wish the album was full of strong tracks like these. “Old Ways” is a front runner as one of my favourite tracks on this album. It perfectly combines her new found sex appeal and an honest reflection of not becoming who you used to be and not giving into your inner demons. It also has one of the pure bangified hooks (Yes I’m now claiming that as a word) on the album, you will literally have it stuck in your head all day. “Kingdom Come” closely follows with a pure catchy track that could easily (and should) become a hit. Iggy Azalea’s rap is on point and adds a new flavour to the track but the only thing that is letting this song down is the exhausted “Black Widow” beat which needs to go.

Tracks like “Lionheart”, “Wildfire”, “For You” and “Waitin For You” are B Grade pop tracks that are skippable and sadly quite forgettable. Sometimes her ballads can come across quite try hard with an intense vocal delivery that over compensates for a lackluster lyrical offering and structure. She prematurely suggested that “Stone Cold” could be a Grammy worthy track for her, but I have to disagree. The song may have emotion but it doesn’t quite capture anything else. “Father” will leave you speechless with an incredible delivery of emotion told through desperate vocals and vivid imagery. This heartbreaking track will leave you impressed and leave you believing that this song could actually win a Grammy. One of the most surprising songs comes in the engagement themed “For You” which boasts an incredible vocal range and a gospel-esq breakdown which will have Demi taking you to church.  On the deluxe edition she offers two sexier influenced tracks “Stars” and “Mr Hughes”. These are more fun and could’ve given the standard edition a bit more variety as it was a very serious themed record compared to previous albums. “Confident” sees her experimenting with her vocals and opening up to her listeners with honest lyrics. There aren’t many “bangers” but the ones she does deliver will have you bopping.

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