SINGLE REVIEW: Olly Murs – Kiss Me


For some reason Olly Murs thinks it’s necessary to re-release his album “Never Been Better”. As soon as I saw this announced I rolled my eyes and had a little laugh but then I heard the new single and I was impressed. “Kiss Me” is a FUNKY pop track that sees him re-installing my faith in him after his tragic last album. This is what “Never Been Better” should have sounded and felt like. When I hear this track I just want to dance and forget everything else and be in the moment with him. And that’s how a pop artist needs to make you feel. His vocals are clean and strong and perfectly intertwines with the funky guitar riff that makes this song oh so great. “If this is the last night, baby let’s do this right, kiss me like you mean it”. The lyrics are a tad gimmicky but in this instance they work and will have you singing this hook over and over again. Now the pressure is on, he has three other new tracks to debut for this re-release so let’s just hope they aren’t disappointments and give us some boppy realness.

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