ALBUM REVIEW: Selena Gomez – Revival


For her second solo studio album Selena Gomez has tried to rebirth herself with a mature sound and more natural approach. Ironically called “Revival” this album allows her to show an improvement and strength in her music. In the title track she sings “I feel like I’ve awakened lately, the chains around me are finally breaking. I’ve been under self-restoration, I’m becoming my own salvation”. The album has her experimenting further with the RNB sound she dropped on “Good For You” but still remains to implement her pop, dance and Latin roots throughout the record. “Kill Em With Kindness” is a dance banger which will instantly be stuck in your head with its whistle and hand clap beat in the hook. “Body Heat” offers another ultimate banger with a Latin influenced dance beat which I was half waiting for Pitbull to jump in on. “All I need is your body heat right next to me. Burning up, burning up, so give it up, give it up”. She also delivers the perfectly off-beat pop tracks “Hands To Myself”, “Me & The Rhythm” and “Same Old Love” which shouldn’t work for her but showcase a unique vocal delivery that pleasantly surprises. Her ballads have always been some of my favourite in her discography and being the only ballad on the album “Camouflage” doesn’t disappoint at all. “You were mine just yesterday, now I have no idea who you are. It’s like camouflage”. I would have loved to have heard some more emotional, raw ballads but alongside the synth ballad “Sober”, and the RNB slow jam “Good For You” she does offer some intimate moments. The album does have two skippable moments with “Rise” and “Survivors” offering cliché and forgettable hooks that should’ve remained on the cutting room floor. “Revival” is a great re-introduction to Selena Gomez and not only shows a maturing in her music and vocals but will have a new wave of fans picking up this album for a listen.

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