SINGLE REVIEW: The Vamps – Wake Up

British four piece The Vamps are back with a drum heavy lead single for their second studio album that sees them experimenting further with their rock influences. “Wake Up” is a forgettable track that really aims at competing with the current musical directions of 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction. The verses are lead by a cool drum beat that is honestly the only interesting thing about this track. The chorus is boring and unsatisfying after a long and dramatic lead up. The extended version of the track offers a drum break down before the final hook and I’m honestly very unsure why that didn’t feature in the radio approved single as its one of the most original things about it. The hook isn’t catchy or that memorable unlike their previous singles and if you aren’t already a fan of The Vamps then you probably aren’t going to listen twice. I expected more from these lads and sadly the B-Sides offered on their ITunes EP that accompanies this release are just as forgettable.

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